11 Tips for getting more Starcoins and Fame in MovieStarPlanet

Author: Melissa D. — Last updated: August 26th, 2016

Make as much accounts/profiles as you can and then from those accounts rate the artbooks, movies, looks or rooms to your main account, this way you can get a lot of Starcoins and Fame to your main account. Also make sure you make long movies on your main account and watch them from the other accounts because this will earn you more Starcoins and Fame.

Click on the high score tab and browse thru people in order to find the ones which have the best pet score (it is better if they are VIP too) and then click on their house. After this you will go to their house and what you should do is pet their pets – tis will earn you 1 to 3 Starcoins. If you do this often you will have a lot of free Starcoins. Also you can go to the pet park chat rooms and click on people’s pets so you can get Starcoins.

Make sure to spin the coin wheel every day and play lots of games and quizzes - they are fun, plus they earn you Starcoins. It might seem difficult the first time, but after that the answers to the quiz’s questions are practically the same and you will know them every time.

Do not hesitate to ask people if you can be in their movies. Every time someone watches that movie you will get 50 Starcoins. Plus, with all the accounts you have made, you can watch the movies from each of them and get a lot of Starcoins.

Watch short movies, as this gives you 10 Starcoins every time you watch one.

Invite friends and help them with the game, when they reach level 6 you will get 200 Starcoins. Plus you can make a deal with them to support you – watch and rate your movies, artbooks etc.

Be active – go to chat rooms, forums or games and ask as many people as you can for autographs.

Check your daily awards and complete the task, each time you do so, you get 50 Starcoins. Also check the fame magazine for daily bonuses.

Be creative and make art books with attractive names so more people will check them out. Don’t forget to rate them from the other accounts you have made to support your main account.

If you go to high-level movie stars rooms and like their boonies you will get a lot of coins. Then make sure to get a boonie yourself in order to gain fame.

And last but not least, click on the icon with Oscar and scissors – for each task you complete you get 100 Starcoins and fame.