5 Things you must know when searching for MSP Hacks

Author: Melissa D. — Last updated: August 26th, 2016

MSP hack tips

With the ridiculously expensive in-app purchases for the Movie Star Planet game, it is obvious that the players are going to search for hacks and cheats in order to get more resources and enjoy their game without all the annoying obstacles and limitations. In our opinion there is nothing wrong with that. After all not all of us can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a game, therefore we seek for alternative ways to solve our “problem”. However, you should be very careful when doing so, because a lot of scam websites appeared recently, claiming that they will provide you unlimited resources like StarCoins, Diamonds, Fame etc. Another scam that these alleged hackers are trying to pull off is by sending messages requesting the users’ passwords with a promise that they will give them free items if they do so and later rip-off their accounts.

Unfortunately a lot of players fall in to the traps of these scams driven by the tempting offer of free resources and instant progress. The lack of information regarding this matter is also another factor that has lead to these circumstances. That’s why we’ve decided to make a list of a few tips you should keep in mind in order to make deference between real vs. fake hacks and cheats. If you don’t want to become the next “victim” of the fraud websites, we give you a list of things you should know when searching a MovieStarPlanet Hack.

Don’t trust the “unlimited resources” - tips of websites or tools

As soon as you notice that certain website is claiming that you can generate unlimited resources using their tool, you should leave it immediately. That is the first and main sign that you are about to be scammed. Having knowledge and experience in this area we can say for sure that this kind of hack simply doesn’t exist. It can’t be done no matter how good or how professional is the team behind it. Ok, maybe it can be preformed technically, but it could never be implemented in real life game-play.

The reason for this is simple. If you think about it, you can do the math and figure it out yourself. How many of the Movie Star Planets’ players are spending enormous amounts of money on in-app purchases? From all the 250 million players, only the top 100+ are spending about $500 to $1,000 a month and they still don’t have unlimited amounts of StarCoins or Diamonds on their accounts. The average player on the other hand spends about $50 on monthly bases. So don’t you think that the games’ moderators or administrators won’t notice if suddenly some accounts are “bursting” with resources and yet their revenue is pretty much the same? - Not a chance.

This is way we advise you to avoid these “unlimited resources” tools. Even if it was possible for such a hack tool to exist, the chance of it working in MSP game-play is literally 0% and you risk your account to be banned for life.

Research first - Don’t fall for the first MSP Cheat you see

As you can see there are always more sides to the story and some things are never as simple as they look. We are sure that if right now you type MSP Hack in your browser, hundreds of results will show up and you will think – great I have found what I was looking for. But as soon as you try to use some of them you will realize that none of them is working and all that “generate 99,999 Diamonds or unlimited resources” is nonsense.

So the question here would be how to recognize the real hacks? This is actually easy. You can tell if a certain hack is real by checking out the amount of resources that is offering. The only way that the game servers can be hacked is to actually fool them in a way like a real purchase was made with a valid transaction. And the things we can purchase, of course, are the ones that are offered at the official app store. So if certain cheat or hack tool is offering something other than what can be purchased from the official app store – there you go, you will know that it is a scam.

Basically, what we are trying to say is, search for websites or tools that are offering resources or items equivalent to the ones at the official app store. And you should know that the only way you can gain StarCoins and Diamonds is to purchase one of the three VIP Memberships or find a hack that offers them for free. So without further ado we are presenting the official MSP packs and the only way you can have StarCoins and Diamonds whether it’s for free or you purchase them:

MovieStarPlanet VIP packages comparison




As you can see the maximum amount of Diamonds you can obtain with one use of a certain MSP Diamonds hack is 825 and the maximum StarCoins that you can get is 120.000, plus the daily bonuses that you receive as a kind of a perk for being VIP Member. Therefore, look for hacks and cheats that are offering only these VIP packages, just to be sure that the hack is not a scam.

Online tools are much safer

Another tip that you may find useful on your quest of finding the real MSP hack is to always choose the online tools before the ones that require downloading. Because you never know what the files you are downloading to your device may contain. As far as we are concerned, they can be nothing more than malware or software which will try to steal your personal information. Thus, when you look at things from safety perspective, the logical choice will always be online or web-based tool.

However, not all web-based tools are the real thing or the safes choice. This is why it is important to look all features of a given hack or cheat. In other words, what we are saying is we don’t want you to get the wrong impression that if some hack tool is operated online it means that it is 100% real or if it requires downloading is automatically a scam or vice versa. You should take in consideration all the parameters or tips we’ve mentioned when searching for a real and working hack tool. The way that the tool is operated (online or in downloadable form) is certainly important but not necessarily a deciding factor here.

Never give your MSP password to anyone

As we mentioned above, recently a new type of “hack” emerged. These scammers are writing messages or directly on the games’ chat to players. They are asking the players if they would want to receive free resources or VIP Membership status for free. Then they ask for the players’ account passwords (Google or Facebook) and then rip-off their resources. So not only do the players don’t receive free resources, but they end up without their existing ones.

Some of these so called “hackers” go as far as even introducing themselves as the games’ moderators in order for their lie to seem more convincing so they can lure more victims to take the bait. Therefore, never fall for these kinds of promises and never ever give your password to anyone. If some website or a tool you’ve found online is asking for your password you should know that they are nothing more but a fraudulent scheme which is trying to steal your personal information like credit cards numbers, passwords and e-mail or infect your device (PC, phone or tablet) with some kind of virus.

Don’t put your account at risk

The one thing that is frustrating us the most about the cheats or hack tools in general is that they are always encouraging users to use them as much as they want to, in the type – “We have excellent and sophisticated private proxy support or anti-ban system so feel free to use our tool as many times as you need to”, which is totally wrong approach. We’ve explained earlier that there is no way to suddenly overload your account with resources without being suspicious and get noticed by the games’ moderators. At the end, the websites that you’ve got the cheat tool from are not holding any responsibility and you are using the hack at your own risk. Thus, since they are protected, the only one who has something to lose in this situation is you.

So even if you find a real and working Movie Star Planet Cheat, never use it more than once to twice a week. This way you will still have enough Diamonds and StarCoins with the VIP membership status to progress and level-up faster, without spending money or being banned from the game. Get rid of that intense and selfish desire to have everything in an instance, as tempting as it sounds you must resist it and take things slowly. Be smarter than the rest of the players and move one step at a time to your journey towards fame and stardom.

Even if you decide to use other tool rather than our MSP Hack, if you follow our tips and do your research you are on the right track of finding a working cheat tool.